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Santa Muerte Statue (Holy Death)

Santa Muerte Statue (Holy Death)

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Santa Muerte is a spiritual entity created by God himself, for the benefit of being human also is considered by some mystics, witch doctors, and spiritual healers of our country as an intermediate between our most powerful God and human being, that is why some devoters to the Santa Muerte give opinion as to how we should be in good terms with her so that way she can intercede for us before God.

Santa Muerte represents herself in diverse forms, perhaps they ask why does she appear in different objects in her images and what is the significance of this scythe, the world, balance, the glow of her head, the eagle owl, the hour glass and the lamp the elements that configure the Santa Muerte are endowed as a special significance and they should be utilized consistently to the petitions that we make.

The Scythe
as we all know in a cultivated instrument and as a weapon it can be utilized to cut, this way it helps us cut the negative energy that surrounds us, in this manner it helps us rid bad influences that supports us to realize corruption acts.

The World
The Santa Muerte is all over the world and does not distinguish or favor borders, she helps the same to all man without distinction of race, when she has the world at her hands she indicates her power for all boundaries.

The Scale
This instrument is a clear allusion to the fairness, the justice and impartiality with what the lady passes judgement on your acts to establish if the Santa Muerte has the symmetrical balance then there will have inner peace within you.

The Glow Over Her Head
Few have noticed the glow in her head that is what bestows her holiness that is why her name is Santa Muerte she has an aura of the saints and virgins;it is the divine power that grants the capacity to realize miracles.

The Eagle Owl
It is a bird of darkness with a sharp vision in this form of the most disoriented and as blind as we may be, she guides us till the end this bird represents the wisdom and helps us improve our intelligence in addition, the eagle owl is the messenger of the Santa Muerte.

The Hour Glass and the Lamp
The sand in the hour glass is the amount of time of our life span on earth which we must live plainly without complications and the lamp is the light that the Santa Muerte guides us in our path if the hour glass turns over we are to begin all over agin, so long as the light allows us to see our paths clearly and the decisions we make through our life.


We have several different colors and styles of Santa Muerte to meet all of your spiritual needs.

12 3/4" tall

Cold cast bronze resin