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Magical Herbalism Class @ The Divine Key

Magical Herbalism Class @ The Divine Key

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Pre-register $15
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Date April 10, 2021 

Time 1 pm - 2:30 pm

Using herbs and roots in magic has been a part of various cultures and traditions. This class will explore..

* growing, caring for and harvesting herbs with a magical mindset/intention

* reliable purchasing and proper storage

* wildcrafting herbs - knowing what's what

* working with herb spirits

* ways to use herbs and roots magically... making oils, incense, salves and more

* tools and supplies

* keeping an Herbal Journal

* 13 herbs for your Magical Cupboard ( photo tour of Tamrha's herb cabinets... I'm an herb hoarder)

Together, we'll craft an incense blend for a purpose the group decides on, choosing from a variety of herbs, roots and other additives. Of course, while you won't be able to smell it, unless you have all these herbs on hand, you'll be able to blend your own in the future!

In-person and streaming options available.
Call The Divine Key for any questions or to pre-register. Or you can purchase your seat on the website. 317.628.0792