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Herb and Oil Bath Kit (For All Magical Intents) 24 Styles to Choose From

Herb and Oil Bath Kit (For All Magical Intents) 24 Styles to Choose From

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These kits include a mixture of flowers and herbs with a bottle of bath oil that comes in 24 varieties to help achieve your magical intent. Each package contains enough for 3 baths.

Money Draw (Prosperity, Luck, Finances, Fortune)

Chupparosa (Hummingbird): (Ideal Love, Attraction, Swift, True)

Love Haunt (Unforgettable, Sex Appeal, Love Drawing, Reconciliation)

Attraction (Attracts Money, Power, Luck)

Sugar Daddy (Love, Attraction, Money, Business)

Big Money Bags (Money, Gambling, Wealth, Quick Cash)

Got Lemons (Manifest, Turn Negative Into Positive, Cut, Clear)

Holy Hyssop (Purification, Exorcism, Protection)

Warrior Spirit (Empowerment, Protection, Overcome Adversity)

Third Eye (Meditation, Psychic Development, Third eye)

Spiritual Cleansing (Cleansing, Sacred Space, Calms, Exodus, Blessing)

Whore of Babylon (Incites Lust, Seduction, Removes Inhibitions)

Egyptian Queen (Innovation, Seduction, Spirituality, Power, Female Empowerment)

Crown of Success (Success, Protection, Enemies, Finances, Manifestation)

Kissable (Irresistible, Passion)

Dream Catcher (Protects From Nightmares, Sleep, Calms)

All Saints: (Honor Saints, Blessings, Luck)

7 African Powers (Honor, Blessings, Petition, Success)

Magnificent Money (Wealth, Prosperity)

Only Mine (Fidelity, Relationship)

Follow Me Girl (Sugar Daddy)

Pay Me (Get Money Owed, Job, Raise, Get Loans)

Dirty Strawberry (Lust, Sexual Pleasure, Relationships)

Road Opener (Problem Solver, Success, Removes Obstacles, Opens Roads)