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Crystal Pendulums (Divination, Spirit Communication, Intuition) 10 Varieties

Crystal Pendulums (Divination, Spirit Communication, Intuition) 10 Varieties

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Mookaite: use for strength, vitality, courage and healing.

Yellow Calcite: remove self-doubt and offers an opportunity for a clean slate emotionally.

Lapis lazuli: universal symbol for wisdom and truth.

Serpentine: clear thoughts to better facilitate meditation.

Black Tourmaline /White Agate: protects and removes negativity and helps you to release anxiety and worry.

Amethyst: a calming and peaceful stone that helps you to tune in to the divine.

Garnet: helps you to boost your confidence and release old patterns.

Rose Quartz: helps you open up to loving energy not only with self but with others.

Pyrite: powerful protection from all negative forms of energy or vibrations.

Merlinite: attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life and stimulates psychic ability.

Each of these pendulums comes with a small velvet bag to protect it when not in use.