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Body/Linen Mists (68 Varieties) Love, Protection, Money, Spiritual Cleansing

Body/Linen Mists (68 Varieties) Love, Protection, Money, Spiritual Cleansing

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These luscious mists can be used on the body and in sacred spaces and magical workings.

They come in an 8 oz bottle and a variety of 68 scents.

10,000 Blessings (Blessing, Luck, Financial Gain, Success, Swift Opportunities)

Adam & Eve (Attraction, Marriage, Proposal, Fidelity, Reconciliation, Love)

All Eyes on Me  (Drawing, Pay Raise, New Love)

All Night Long (Lust, Removes Inhibitions)

All Saint's (Honor Saints, Blessings, Luck)

Ancestors (Dream Work, Necromancy, Ancestor Veneration)

Arabian Nights (Success, Opportunities, Drawing)

Arabka Soudagar (Financial Luck, Gain, Business)

As You Please (Fidelity, Straying Lovers, Control)

Ashe' Root (Power, Focus, Strength, Amplifier)

Bewitching (Be Irresistible)

Black Cat (Fortune, Gambling, Happiness, Marriage, Protection)

Bless and Release (Addictions, Depression, Unhappiness, Emotional Baggage)

Blockbuster (Problem Solver, Removes Obstacles, Success)

Blue Angel (Protection, Evil Eye, Communication With Spirit)

Boss Fix (Positive Job Environment, Pay Promotions, Pay Raises)

Buckeye (Luck, Fortune, Breaks Hexes, Protection)

Butterflies' Blood (Intuition, Air, Communication, New Beginnings)

Bye Felicia! (Removes Annoyances)

Chupparosa, Hummingbird (Swift Love, Luck)

Circe (Magic, Irresistible)

Cleo May (Sugar Daddy, Assistance Business)

Cleopatra (Love, Lust, Draw, Empowerment)

Come to Me Lover (Attraction, Love, Passion)

Cut and Clear (Break Ties, Remove Ties and Situations)

Dark Moon (Shadow Workings, Meditation, Addictions, Personal Growth, Get Away, Divination)

Diamonds and Gold (Money, Prosperity)

Dirty Strawberry (Lust, Sexual Pleasure, Relationships)

Doorways (Psychic, Insight, Divination, Clarity)

Dragon's Blood (Purification, Protection, Strength, Power, Removes Negativity, exorcism, Power Amplifier)

Dream Catcher (Protects from Nightmares, Promotes Sleep, Sweet Dreams)

Egyptian Queen (Innovation, Seduction, Spirituality, Power, f

Female Empowerment)

Fiery F*ck! (Incite Lust, Sex, Passion)

Follow Me Boy (Sugar Daddy, Money, Business)

Full Moon (Manifest, Release, Healing, Divination)

Gargoyle (Extreme Protection, Warning, Stops Enemies)

Gold Digger (Draws a Generous, Rich Man)

Love Haunt (Unforgettable, Sex Appeal, Love, Drawing, Reconciliation)

Luv, Luv, Luv (Only Mine, New Love)

Magnificent Money (Wealth, Prosperity)

Make a Wish (Wishing, Good Luck, Fortune)

Marriage Blessing (Marriage Proposal, Happy Marriage, Fidelity)

Money Tree for Me (Quick Money)

Money Zap! (Luck, Fast Funds, Prosperity, Emergency Money and Means)

Nag Champa (Purification, Meditation, Spiritual Enlightenment)

Namaste (Meditation, Calming, Tranquility)

Nirvana (Psychic Ability, Peace, Meditation)

Only Mine (Fidelity, Relationship)

Palo Santo (Blessings, Removes Evil)

Peaceful Home (Removes Strife, Soothes Arguments and Chaos)

Pentatruck (Uncrossing, Protection, Removes Curses)

Snake Charmer (Woman Empowerment, Domination, Seduction)

Spirit Communication (Mediumship, Psychic Ability)

Spirit Guides' (Spirit Guides, Ancestor, Angels)

Sugar Daddy (Love, Attraction, Business)

Sweetgrass (Uplifts, Blessings)

Ten Silvers (Good Fortune, Finances)

Tricky Twister (Overcomes Adversity, Removes Hexes and Curses, Tears Down Blockages)

Triple Crown of Success (Success, Protection, Enemies, Finances, Manifestation)

Van Van (Protection, Success, Love, Money, Retrograde, Cleansing)

Warrior Spirit (Warrior, Empowerment, Protection)

White Sage (Protection, Purification, Wisdom, Luck, Cleansing, Redemption, Blessings)

Whore of Babylon (Seduction, Lust, Removes Inhibitions)

Wishbone (Success, Aspirations, Manifestation)

Witch's Tea (Rejuvenate, Restore, Balance, Happiness)

Wood Song (Fairies, Elves, Nature Spirits, Elements)

Wounded Healer (Health, Balance, Tranquility)

Zorba (Enhance Clairvoyance, Prophetic  Dreams, Mediumship)